About Kirasu Art

It is a natural instinct that the old things are always replaced by the new ones. In the nature it is also seen alike. When trees give up the dehydrated old leaves, branches, skins, flowers, fruits etc., the Kirasu Art begins right from the moment. The things forfeited by the nature becomes the art media for Dr. Kiran Suryavanshi, discoverer of Kirasu Art.

Since 20 years, Dr. Kiran Suryavanshi has been serving the nature with his unique art which is popularly acknowledged as Kirasu Art. Dr. Kiran Suryavanshi’s affection towards the nature has conceived this amazing art. There are no colours and brushes used in Kirasu Art. Eco-friendly paintings have been braced the desiccated things by the nature on the canvass. Thus, “Canvassing the Nature” has been tagged.

Kirasu Art,Kolhapur

Kirasu Art has been honoured!

Industrialists Shri. Shirish Sapre & Shri. Aditya Jadhav (Kolhapur, Maharashtra) have presented the art to Honourable NCP Chief Shri. Sharad Pawar Sir.

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